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Effect of Pandemic on Influencers

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This pandemic has not been easy on any of us. While we have been quarantined inside our own houses, preventing us from doing all the normal day to day activities that we were so routined to, the entire shift of communication and business online was certainly a massive change that has been both criticized as well as enjoyed. From online classes to online meetings, our entire focus of being connected to each other had been the internet.

We have relied on social media more than ever to get us through these dark times. And of the torch bearers in helping us get through this phase are influencers or online creators. And this is one of the very reasons the world has seen a massive surge in online content creators. From DIY masks to tips on keeping healthy, they have communicated and kept the world connected together. This pandemic has not only brought those existing influencers to limelight with their relatable content but has also paved numerous ways for other such microinfluencers.

From travel bloggers to lifestyle influencers, everyone has joined hands together to support one   another but most importantly spread serious guidelines, tips and information to keep their audience aware. Influencers have thus served a very large and meaningful purpose in the world of branding and promotion. The shift to put influencers in limelight has encouraged influencer marketing at the fastest pace due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The brands and products endorsed or reviewed by influencers see a sharp rise in sales as well as brand awareness. Influencers not only help in creating a product presence but are also essential in reviews or feedback.  

But influencers deliver other benefits. Activity from blogs, site visits, and videos can be easily analyzed, marketers can review engagement rates, clicks, and conversions, as well as comments and sentiment, to sharpen their campaigns. Influencers often have highly targeted audiences, giving marketers the ability to widen their own customer base, moreover, influencer mentions will drive a company’s SEO rankings.

Whilst the pandemic has had a negative effect globally on almost every aspect including economic conditions or healthcare facilities, it has also given way for influencer marketing and made quite many brands shift to this tool, willingly or unwillingly. Now that the world is slowly beginning to get back up on its feet, we still observe how influencer marketing has remained unfazed to the new and recent improvements and has in fact allowed more and more brands to shift from their traditional norms of advertising and marketing, to the one that rose from the pandemic.

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