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Rise of Fashion & Beauty Influencers

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Influencers these days have preferred to stick to a particular genre when it comes to creating content for the internet. This doesn’t only make it easier for followers to keep up but also for new followers to decide which particular person they would want to follow. With the increasing growth of influencers, we see a range of bloggers doing more than one thing. While it isn’t wrong, it gets difficult to keep up with all the genres. Followers look for a definitive purpose in their contents and sticking to one genre makes it easier for their followers.

As discussed in the previous blogs, there are definitely many types of influencers holding up the social media world. But the 2 mainly fast growing genres we see are fashion and beauty influencers. These two genres have seen a massive growth in both volume and popularity. They have been leading the world of influencer marketing and still continue to do so till this date.
And today, we would be focusing on that –

Fashion Influencers. Fashion influencers are one of the torch bearers in influencer marketing. Ranging from Zara to Sarojini, they have it all. Be it how to drape a saree in 5 ways or convert it into a shawl or top, they keep  coming up with new and interesting content that keeps us glued to the screen. They form a strong base for their followers with the stinging reviews they give about products that we are all so eager yet cautious to try. They have transformed the world of fashion and made it particularly affordable for all. The tutorials that they post about colour schemes or easy outfits with any available clothing help us come out of our maze of owning expensive clothing to form a suitable outfit. They have shown the world that fashion isn’t about the labels or money but rather, the ideas and creativity that separates a successful fashion designer or label from the others.

Beauty Influencers. Beauty influencers come hand in hand with fashion influencers. These bloggers are more interested and focused on enhancing the outfits we have been motivated by the fashion influencers to a level of perfection. Beauty influencers hold a rather important position emotionally amongst their followers. They help promote body positivity that many of us have trouble adjusting with. From freckles to acne, embracing these tiny imperfections is very important to accept one’s true self and love us for who we are. While beauty influencers make it possible for us to do that, they also show us how to apply cosmetics to make us look natural and beautiful. Along with that, they also help guide us purchase the right skincare products for us other than also motivating us to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Beauty influencers are a very important tool in the influencer world, not just for the makeup tutorials that help us hone our makeup skills but to also inculcate a healthier lifestyle for a beautiful life and lifestyle.

While we look forward to these bloggers and their nighttime routine or wardrobes, we also pay a great deal of attention to the products they use, most of which is affordable. This method has become a rather strong marketing tool for brands to promote their products. As we all know there is nothing stronger than word of mouth, the word of mouth and reviews from our favorite most trusted influencers make an even greater deal of difference when it comes to purchasing a product that we want to try.

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